About Us

What is Bleevable Prana?

A mash-up of B. Lee, Bleevable Prana is about believing in yourself and understanding that you are a badass! Prana is cosmic energy that lies within us and around us. Tap into that energy and let your light shine. You matter. You are important. We arrive at this enlightenment through healthy living and yoga.

About Bettina Lee

I first began practicing yoga in 2002. Being a former college athlete and having a dance background, I thought it was easy and was over confident. The result? I got injured. I also did not delve into the life lessons yoga offers. However, Yoga kept calling my name! In 2009, I became pregnant with my son and experienced yoga in a different light. I decided I wanted to study. I received my CYT-200 certificate in Hatha Yoga from Aura Wellness Center in 2017.  I see myself as a Yoga Guide and hope to aid you in your journey. 

What We Offer


More than just the physical asanas of yoga, we offer meditation, breath work, spiritual practice and more.

Wellness Coaching

Understanding that you know yourself best, we work with you to create a lifestyle map empowering you with healthy living skills.

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